Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Mitred Earl

In February, 2012, I bought two used books at the Causeway Book-shop in the wonderful village of Bushmills, County Antrim.

Sadly, that former Aladdin's Cave of historic reading material, glassware, pottery etc has since closed down.

I bought The Mitred Earl, by Brian Fothergill, a fascinating history of Frederick Augustus (Hervey), 4th Earl of Bristol and Lord Bishop of Derry.

His lordship is commonly known as The Earl-Bishop.

It's a paperback. Is it still published by Faber and Faber? It's certainly a National Trust Classic.

I lent my copy to a former friend who never bothered to return it.

Nevertheless, I purchased another used copy on Ebay today for the princely (!) sum of £2.81, including postage.

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