Saturday, 6 September 2008

Minnowburn: Weeding

En route to Minnowburn this morning I called at a tiny home bakery at Connsbrook Avenue, Belfast, I'd never tried before, Hamilton's,  and bought five potato farls and one soda farl. They were still warm - it was 09:05, and must have cost 50p each because the total bill came to £2.50. We intend to have an Ulster Fry tomorrow, with fillet steak in lieu of bangers!

Mick supervised at Minnowburn today; I was joined by Patricia, Kevin and Darren too. We'd intended to work on the new allotment at the back field; however, the ground was so saturated that we did some weeding in the Rose Garden instead.

We had our lunch at a picnic table. Patricia had her customary chicken tikka sandwiches from a shop in Ballynahinch; mine were Tesco salmon and cucumber, 
which I wasn't fond of at all. I didn't like their flavour.

I'm still working on the re-decoration of our hall and landing. I don't think I'll bother brandishing the brush and roller today.


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Timothy Belmont said...

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