Saturday, 20 September 2008

Off To Sunnier Climes

I'm literally half-awake as I write this last posting, before I pack up and head for the airport. A taxi has been booked for an unearthly hour, not far away.

I will endeavour to send the occasional posting and there is a computer which is available for the patrons' use at the Café-Lounge Bar near my accommodation - it's an old haunt, home to mine host Stefan who, incidentally, cooks his own home-made doner-kebabs on Sundays.

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Anonymous said...

Last August 15 or thereabouts a pollution disaster happened at the QUOILE PONDAGE . It is a matter of some urgency to gather as much anecdotal evidence as possible from observers.
It is essential to have proof that the fish were seen to be viable, eg actively swimming in order to escape the pollution which appeared to rise from below the freshwater stratum in the Pondage.
This would indicate a very heavy liquid sludge, itself not chemically toxic but not oxygenated. This possibly originated from a waste deposit beside the outfall of Downpatrick Water Treatment Plant.

There seems to be no post mortem evidence of how the fish died, so it appears that a coverup is likely whatever the responsible agency.
Contact downgreens if you wish to help.