Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Grand Breakfast

The attention to detail is one important ingredient which makes this hotel de luxe and the best of its kind in Belfast.

By way of example, when I returned to my room last night, some member of staff had wafted in and brought out the tray with tea, coffee and biscuits; and there were many other little touches of detail, too. The curtains had been drawn and my bed sheets neatly pulled back a few feet.

Breakfast was fit for a merchant prince. As one would expect, it was superlative.

I breakfasted in the Great Room of Belfast's Merchant Hotel, once the banking hall of the Ulster Bank headquarters. The domed ceiling and surrounding plasterwork in this room is indeed superb, what with putti and angelic figures looking down on us, many of them gilded.

The seating and upholstery is luxurious, an opulent maroon velour with abundant gold detailing.

I was shown to my table and asked if I'd like some fresh fruit-juice and tea or coffee. Having a brief perusal of the menu, I chose the full, cooked breakfast.

It arrived speedily, as did the selection of toast and pastries.

Breakfast was served on a large plate and consisted of sausage; two rashers of lean back bacon; half a tomato; a large whole mushroom; two thick slices of black and white pudding; an egg, a little disc of potato bread; and soda bread. Have I omitted anything? I think not.

Of course the menu had other items thereon, including smoked salmon and scrambled egg.

I think I'll go for a stroll now, perhaps towards the Cathedral Quarter.


Mad Mandy Moans said...

You hungry hound. How wonderful. I put on 4 lbs just reading what you had for breakfast Tim. I take it you would recommend The Merchant Hotel. MMx

Timothy Belmont said...


This says it all. A terrific hotel, a haven.

Mad Mandy Moans said...

I believe not everyone wished you well for your stay at The Merchant my dear. How sad that there are people who begrudge others a little happiness and luxury. You have had a bad year. I know loosing your mum hurt you deeply. I don't think many of us were born with a silver spoon in our mouths. I had a summer and weekend job when I was 12 and have worked my ass off to get what I have now. Shame on anyone who resents your little pleasure. It was well deserved in my opinion.

Timothy Belmont said...

Touching and kind words indeed, Mandy. Thank you.