Monday, 4 July 2011

Royal Expenditure

Timothy Belmont never ceases to be astounded at how economical, mean and stingy successive governments have been towards the Royal Family.

Readers will be aware of my utter loyalty to Her Majesty The Queen and the Royal Family.

I remain, and have done since I wore short trousers, a fervent royalist.

It is my opinion that HM former Yacht Britannia ought to be re-commissioned and refitted, if necessary, for the Sovereign.

Failing that, sufficient funding must be made available for a new royal yacht.

The Royal Flight should be enhanced, with a small fleet of medium size aircraft painted in royal livery.

The crumbling fabric of Buckingham Palace must be restored forthwith by the State.

I am only too well aware of the vociferous minority of anti-royalists. My Blog shan't be a playground for republicans of any hue or colour.

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Anonymous said...

Can only agree. Her Majesty was clearly upset at the de-commissioning of HMY Britannia. It must have held many happy memories for her. For that reason alone it should not be replaced, but re-commissioned as you suggest. With her Diamond Jubilee being celebrated next year, what better present could the nation give her?