Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Pashley Sovereign

Should I treat myself to one of these? The very best of British craftsmanship: The Pashley Roadster Sovereign.

Is it worth £645? Would owners not be wary of leaving it parked somewhere?


Mark Rivers said...

So did you go for the Pashley Sovereign in the end? Seems like a rather fine bike if not a little on the heavy side. I think you might be a little reluctant to leave this one chained up at Sydenham station. I trust you would have a number of fine tweeds to wear with it in the cooler months.

Timothy Belmont said...

Still thinking about it! I tried one for size at Halford's and it was a touch too big - the old paws were unable to touch terra firma.

They make a Roadster Sovereign 26, which would be the choice.

I really do prefer to buy from local dealers, though so far they seem reluctant to negotiate.

A dealership online wells them for about £570 plus £33 delivery to NI, and dealers here seem to charge the full whack of £639.

IF I do anything, I'll print out the online quotation and show them it.

Unknown said...

Hi Timothy

A web search brought me to your very interesting blog. Do you know of any good Pashley dealers in Northern Ireland? I'm considering buying a Princess bike but they are quite expensive in Dublin and I am wondering if there is better value to be gained from a trip North?


Timothy Belmont said...

Hi Catherine,

I see the image has disappeared on the article!

There certainly used to be several in Belfast and Bangor; though the one at Ravenhill Road seems to have closed down.

You could order online from Halford's. I think they are Pashley retailers.

Best of luck, Tim.