Tuesday, 1 May 2012

BT Complaint

About time British Telecommunications plc pulled their socks up and looked after their long-standing customers.

I am still without BT Broadband, after thirty-six hours. They are sending a technician to Belmont GHQ tomorrow morning, not without warning me that the privilege will cost me £100, if the fault is not at their end.

My draft so far:-

I should begin by explaining that I have been a BT customer for very many years indeed. This household has had BT services since 1962.

On Monday morning, 30th April, 2012, I turned on my computer as usual. I have a BT Home Hub 2.0. The lights were a steady blue, except the broadband light, which as flashing yellow.

I phoned BT  and reported this. I was advised to unplug and re-plug in various sockets, which I duly did. I took the hub to the master socket, where I unscrewed it and attempted to get it to function, in vain.

The adviser told me that the fault would be reported to the technical department and I’d receive a phone-call. I was called and told that they would phone me on Tuesday morning, 1st May.

At some inconvenience, I waited at home on Tuesday morning till 12 noon and there was no call, so I spent about 40 minutes waiting on the phone in order to speak to another adviser, who apologised and agreed that I should have been phoned back on Tuesday.

I was advised to go through more checks, including unscrewing the master socket; then I was told that an technician would call on Wednesday morning, 2nd May. Furthermore, I was politely warned that if the fault was at my end, I would be charged £100.

I have been without Bt Broadband for... to be finalized.

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Mad Mandy Moans said...

I know you are going cold turkey Tim. Who wouldn't? Have BT got an elite force of tech troops to hold you to ransom and rob you of £100? As if it doesn't cost enough for basic service. I can't believe there is a fault at your end. I know your internet access is precious.