Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Gordon Estates

I went for a drive today, to Delamont (top) and Florida Manor, in County Down. Both demesnes were once owned by the Gordons.

Parking at Gibb's Island (above), I walked into Delamont Park.

A little further on, Salt Island came into view.

Delamont House is still in use, as a youth and outdoor pursuit centre of some sort. I ambled round the grounds, passing the derelict farm-yard.

It is, to my mind, a pity that Delamont wasn't acquired by the National Trust, which would doubtless have restored the fabric and integrity of the estate.

I motored homewards and turned into a country road at Lisbarnett House, eventually reaching Florida Road. Florida Manor (above) came into view immediately. This old mansion dominates the area.

The manor-house itself appears derelict, though the grounds, extending to two hundred acres, are being restored and the outbuildings have already been restored by the new owner, Mr Michael Lagan.

These outbuildings form the basis of well-appointed new apartments.

There is a pretty little gate-lodge with Gothic windows within several hundred yards of the house.


Mad Mandy Moans said...

Oh my goodness Tim ... is that not one of the most beautiful properties and places to go? You are a sweetheart for finding these wonderful places and sharing them with us. Love Mx

Timothy Belmont said...

There's more! Luxury apartments beside the old manor-house:-

Irishlad said...

you should've looked in at the Johnston bros (coffee fame) they bought an old Colonel's house and spent a fortune on it.It's on the other side of the main road just as you turn into Ringhatty. It's private,but well worth a sneaky look, :)

Anonymous said...

Tim, Delamont is a great venue for the Ulster Rural Riders who meet a couple of times each year to ride around the Estate and the fields adjacent to the Lindsays
,which is a super outing for all horsey people, bringing the area to life as it was in bygone times.