Sunday, 13 May 2012

Percy's Peanuts!

Percy, my new name for the grey squirrel which visits the peanut feeder close to the house, made an appearance again this morning at eight-thirty.

He clings on to the feeder, seemingly wrapping his bushy tail round a branch above, and munches away to his heart's content.

Alas, there's been no sighting of any red squirrels at all.

I've had a quiet weekend. I grilled a rasher of Marks and Spencer's finest back bacon this morning and ate it with Irwin's Nutty Krust High Fibre bread, butter and honey.

I prefer to grill the bacon at the highest setting, keeping a close eye on it, so that the fatty rind crisps up, while the lean meat remains unburned.


Irishlad said...

Tim, they're rats with tails...they have singly handedly wiped out the red species,they really don't need further encouragement no matter how "cute" they look.

Timothy Belmont said...

Believe me I'm not encouraging them! The peanuts are for the birds.

Anonymous said...

yes, memorably described as 'rats with PR' !!!

Mad Mandy Moans said...

You didn't introduce the grey squirrels to our shores my dear. Some other twat did that. Tee Hee Short of poisoning the wee bad beast and feeling terrible I say give Percy Peanut nutty crust.
PS ... What have they done to Blogger? I'm demented enough!!!