Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Three Candlesticks

Given that the highly esteemed position of PRIVATE SECRETARY TO THE EARL OF BELMONT is presently vacant (!), and that I am compelled to fulfil the duties myself, I have experienced a spot of difficulty with the old printing.

More specifically, Getting the smart printer-cum-scanner-cum-copier to behave appropriately, when it comes to doing what it is instructed to do.

For thirty years or more, I have been using Three Candlesticks writing-paper. At least thirty summers ago I received a letter from the Hon Desmond Guinness. I noticed the distinctive water-mark on the heavily-laid paper, viz. the three candlesticks.

The envelope was similar and had the added distinction of being lined with tissue-paper.

This Timothy Belmont appreciated.

Hence I have been using headed Three Candlesticks note-paper ever since. The snag is that the dimensions of the paper are unusual and the printer, even with custom settings, misbehaves to the extent that several sheets of the aforementioned paper have been wasted.

The margins are the problem. I tell it to begin an inch - three centimetres if you speak European - from the left and it begins three inches away.

As a consequence of this tiresome exercise I have brought down the honourable electric typewriter. I've decided to use this instead for my Three Candlesticks.

Incidentally, I am seeking ways of generating a little income from the blog, hopefully in a dignified manner, which shall not compromise its integrity. 

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Anonymous said...

Forget these new-fangled technologies. It is best to use a type-writer. I still use my trusty Empire Aristocrat daily, which must be a good 60 years old.