Saturday, 28 July 2012

At Gibb's Island

Timothy Belmont was out in the field again today, at Gibb's Island on this occasion. Gibb's Island, formerly part of Delamont estate, now belongs to the National Trust.

There were about eight of us today. We were uprooting ragwort and creeping thistle.

We have made wonderful progress at Gibb's and the wild flower meadow is thriving. There's still some way to go, though weeds have been uprooted manually, in order that the precious wild flowers are protected.

Before lunch we planted an oak sapling, donated by Richard, a veteran volunteer. Salt Island can be seen in the distance.

Later we painted a wooden fence with preservative.

I noticed a fledgling wren chick. Click on any photo to enlarge it.

During our lunch break, a grasshopper landed on my haversack.

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Anonymous said...

Truly superb. What an idyllic day out.