Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Foray into Town

Managing to avoid the showers, I popped into town this morning in the trusty two-wheeler and spent some time at the venerable Linenhall Library which, incidentally, currently has a photographic exhibition of several old stately Irish country houses.

They've a bit of catching up to do, in Timothy Belmont's estimation (!).

I gathered fascinating information about the lineage of the Earls of Egmont, landowners in County Cork and originally granted an extraordinary 101,000 statute acres of the kingdom of Ireland.

Thereafter I ventured in to Marks & Spencer, where I bagged the following groceries for Belmont GHQ:-

  • Vetivert room spray, for the bedrooms
  • Greek style honey yoghurt
  • Chocolate brazils
  • Jelly babies
  • soft butter, for toast
  • Asparagus tips
  • Belgian chocolates, for Lady A
  • Beef, potato and onion pasty
The pasty is "made in Yorkshire with crisp all butter pastry, British beef, Romano potatoes, swede and onions."

I have tried this pasty before and it is delicious, probably superior to most shop-bought Cornish pasties.

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