Thursday, 19 July 2012

Homage to Potato Bread

I crave potato-bread; ever since I began to wear short trousers. I imagine, in a culinary sense at least, potato bread epitomizes the very essence of Ulster and, indeed, has remained a great Ulster staple for centuries.

I relish it with crispy bacon; or baked beans; or as part of the traditional Ulster Fry. Sometimes I substitute sausages and bacon with fillet steak instead, though I never omit potato bread.

I have to admit that it is now bought ready-made in bakeries or stores for Belmont GHQ.

Nevertheless, here is a classic recipe for potato-bread:-


Six potatoes, boiled


Mash the potatoes well; add a teaspoonful of salt; a good knob of butter. Blend the mixture; roll to a thickness of a quarter inch.

Use a cake lid to make a round circle; cut into four neat segments; cook on a moderate griddle or large dry frying-pan until lightly browned on each side; cool on a baking-rack.


Anonymous said...

Shame on you! It's 'potato farl' after the Gaelic for four. Keep the old traditiond going!

Timothy Belmont said...

Well I never. Now I know!

Anonymous said...


How much flour?

And what are the best spuds - waxy or floury?

von Zig Zag

Timothy Belmont said...

A good question.

Add sufficient flour to bind the mixture; and this would answer the question of waxy or floury spuds, I think.

Lady O'Neill said...

Strange enough, I, myself have always known them as the humble 'potato bread' !!

Guess it does not really matter, what it is know for ... for at the end of the day its the flavour & all those delicious culinary delights, one can make from a quarter of 'potato bread' !

From your pic, all that is needed to accompany them quarters is some good quality rashers, sausages & an egg, sunnyside up .. delish mmm :)))

WeeGee said...

. . . . I've known this as "fadge" all my life!