Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Gibb's Island Day

I have been on the go all day. This is the first opportunity I've had to update the blog.

I arrived at Gibb's Island at about nine-thirty this morning, despite a major diversion between Killyleagh and Delamont, County Down.

There were eight of us today, the task being to cut down a large patch of gorse. Two bonfires were lit.

For lunch I had home-made egg salad sandwiches, which were delicious: hard-boiled egg; cream cheese, onion; mustard; a little sugar; seasoning; and fresh wholemeal bread.

There were plenty of logs, so we all had a share of the spoils. I got two sackfuls.

As soon as I arrived home, I snatched my swimming apparel and dashed up to the sports club for the customary sixty lengths.

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