Wednesday, 17 July 2013

14th Earl of Antrim

The Rt Hon Alexander Randal Mark, Earl of Antrim, was known for a large part of his life and career as Viscount Dunluce, a courtesy title now held by his son.

The McDonnell family declares Lord Antrim to be 14th Earl, with some validity since there have been several creations, countesses in their own right and, indeed, two marquessates in 1644 and 1789.

The history of the McDonnell family is, indeed, intricate. Nevertheless, Lord Antrim remains officially the 9th Earl.

Having worked at the Tate Gallery in London for most of his career, both he and his father, the 8th (13th) Earl, have held directorships with Ulster Television.

His other interests include painting and vintage cars.

Lord Antrim lives on the Glenarm Estate in County Antrim and also has a residence in Somerset. He has three children: Lady Flora Pennybacker; Lady Alice McDonnell; and Randal, Viscount Dunluce.

First published in June, 2010.  Antrim arms courtesy of European Heraldry.

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