Sunday, 28 July 2013

Divis Trek


I took it upon myself to motor up to the National Trust's Divis & Black Mountain, in the Belfast hills, this afternoon.

Light (!) showers were a possibility and, true enough, I managed to get saturated in the middle of nowhere.

I passed the Long Barn and Divis Lodge (below), before turning left onto a track which seemed to lead to Nowhere.

Half way along, there was a kind of construction site. Heavy platforms had been laid over the bogland to - you guessed it - Nowhere.

Later I was apprised that this is a film set.

Striding back to the car-park, it began to rain heavily. I was wearing a shirt, shorts, ankle socks and light walking boots, and a peaked cap.

I got soaked to the skin. Still, no harm done and all is well.


NickM said...

A true old Brackenberian would always be prepared for the weather in this country!
Nick ( Class of '58)

Timothy Belmont said...

I did not live true to my motto: Be Prepared. ;-)