Monday, 15 July 2013

Broughshane Visit

Two years ago I paid a visit to the picturesque little village of Broughshane, County Antrim. I wrote a bit about the White memorial in the church graveyard.

What a fine village Broughshane is. It's very close to Ballymena in County Antrim. I parked the two-seater on the main street and went "walkabout".

One of the local hostelries, The Thatch Inn, was the first place to catch my eye (at this point I can hear regular followers gasping and thinking his lordship craves a gin).

As the name indicates, it is thatched (though does not have a website at time of writing); it is atmospheric.

The arms of the 1st Earl O'Neill (1779-1841) proudly adorn the front of the inn. The landlord obtained consent from the present Lord O'Neill (4th Baron) to display the arms.

The village has always enjoyed a close association with the O'Neills: Lord and Lady O'Neill live at the Shane's Castle estate; while Lord and Lady Rathcavan's home is Cleggan Lodge, from where the Cleggan Shoot is based.
I ventured in, ordered a fruit juice (!) and had a brief chat with staff behind the counter.

On leaving the inn, I ambled up the street and saw a notice pointing to the village pond.

This is directly behind the 1st Presbyterian Church; and the pond is a haven of peace and tranquillity abounding with various water-fowl (name those birds above!).

In the 1st Presbyterian Church's graveyard there is a memorial to Field Marshal Sir George White VC GCB OM GCSI GCIE GCVO JP DL (1835-1912), whose ancestral home was at Broughshane.

White was probably the most highly decorated officer in the Army.


The White plot is, unfortunately, somewhat neglected and in need of attention; a good dose of "tender loving care" and a liberal lick of paint would do wonders.

The heavy iron railings, the gate, the flag-stones, the stone cross and the memorials could all be spruced up.

The White Memorial must be one of the most important features of heritage in the village.

First published in April, 2011.


Anonymous said...

Glad you went and enjoyed the article and the one about the pond very much. Looking so forward to getting there. I read about the Thatch Inn when looking for lodging there. I do not believe they actually are an Inn, just a pub, right? Again, thanks for the shots, and info. It looks beautiful.

Timothy Belmont said...

They call it an inn (it may have been a hundred years ago!); though it's a pub, as you say.

I noticed self-catering apartments at the back of the parish church...

Jonathan Kennedy said...

Tim, you will have seen from the grave stone that also buried there is Captain Jack White DSO, a fascinating figure who was an associate of James Connolly and has been claimed by anarachists as one of their own. Here is a link

Timothy Belmont said...

Indeed I noticed his grave-stone.