Thursday, 19 September 2013

275 Belmont Road

My attention has been drawn to a planning application for 275 Belmont Road, Belfast, formerly Pirrie House and its gardens.

This site is located at the corner of Pirrie Road. A century ago it formed the grounds of Ormiston House; indeed Ormiston's former Belmont gate lodge is still at the entrance to Pirrie Road.

For whatever reason, Pirrie House and its gardens were swept away a year or two ago, leaving an eye-sore on the road.

This is entirely a residential area. The nearest retailers are located at Strandtown, which is at the beginning of Belmont Road.

The planning application seeks full permission to develop a neighbourhood shop and petrol filling facilities at 275 Belmont Road.

There would be twelve pumps' forecourt canopy; cash machine; car-park with 21 spaces.

The applicant intends to operate from 6am until 11pm, seven days a week, employing fifty full and part time staff.

I pass this location frequently during the week. In fact I drove past tonight, en route to the Sports Club for a swim, and took the photographs.

Two schools are within the vicinity. Belmont Road, leading to the Hawthornden roundabout, can be particularly busy at peak times.

I feel that any retail unit at this residential site is most inappropriate.

I am convinced that local residents do not want a retail development at 275 Belmont Road.

Traffic levels are high enough and such a development would only increase congestion.

Schools are within walking distance and this could be hazardous or possibly dangerous for school-children, who would inevitably be tempted to visit the retailer for snacks or sweets.

The residential nature of this area must not be compromised by a petrol station and convenience store.

I intend to object to this application in writing to the planning authorities.

The documents associated with this planning application are available at:

The address I was given to write to is:
Belfast Area Planning Office,
Department of the Environment,
Bedford House,
Bedford Street,
The other contact information for the Belfast Planning Office is here: 

The deadline I was given for objections to be received by the Planning Office is the 27th of September. The planning reference number, Z/2013/0944/F, also has to be quoted.

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Anonymous said...

Timothy, I whole-heartedly agree with your comments: this part of Belmont Road is, and always has been totally residential! Funny how these planning applications just seem to "slip in" under the radar! I trust all local residents are aware and are making relevant objections.