Saturday, 21 September 2013

Coffee Morning

I had coffee and a muffin this morning at a café in Holywood, County Down, with my aunt and a friend.

I managed to squeeze in to a parking space in the vicinity.

My muffin consisted of blueberries and some sort of unctuous creamy concoction, which was rather yummy.

We got up to date with a good chin-wag, my aunt having spent awhile at Majorca, Puerto Pollensa to be precise.

THIS afternoon, having "rowed" for forty-three minutes on a machine, burning 400 calories in the process, I paid a visit to Marks & Spencer's food emporium at Ballyhackamore, Belfast, where I procured a little box of Belgian choccies, chunky cod in batter, sweets and something else, which description eludes the Belmont grey cells.

I have been singing merrily to Billy Joel's Allentown, which must surely be a ditty of great pre-eminience of the eighties; or is it seventies?


Anonymous said...

Puerto Pollensa is lovely: can't think of a better Spanish holiday resort. Some of the apartments on the Pine Walk are sublime.

Anonymous said...

Lord Belmont,
You seem to live a life free of unchosen work... and full of choice and enhancing experiences.
How did you reach this level of independence?
Do you have any advice for those of us still struggling under the yoke of employment?

Timothy Belmont said...

Anon, Indeed, I'm very fond of the pine walk. Happy memories.

Anon, Afraid I can't advise re independance!