Saturday, 28 September 2013

Morning Coffee

I met my aunt and Pat for coffee ths morning at Whalley's Café, High Street, Holywood, County Down.

The disadvantage for motorists is that parking wardens proliferate the town; and on-street parking is restricted to a maximum of one hour, including Saturdays.

I only just managed to find an available space without restrictions on Church Road.

The Whalley Café is located near the may-pole. It has about half a dozen tables. I believe they also have an art gallery.

Above is a contemporary, though colourful, oil-painting by an artist whose name eludes me, for sale at £995 if I recall correctly.

I ordered a mocha coffee and cherry scone with butter, jam and thick cream.

One advantage of Whalley's is that it is a lot quieter than the coffee-house we usually frequent in the town.

Although my hearing is satisfactory, one of the others has a little difficulty with background noise.

The bill came to just under £13.

Afterwards I admired the counter display at Corrie's farm shop, also close to the may-pole.

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