Sunday, 24 November 2013

Right Hon Michael

I'm looking forward to the Right Honourable Michael Portillo's Great Continental Railway Journey from Prague to Munich this evening.

Mr Portillo has proved himself to be as able and competent in his railway journeys throughout the British Isles and Europe, as his political prowess, as an erstwhile cabinet minister, in the Conservative interest.

Next on my televisual agenda shall be Morcambe & Wise: The Whole Story.

Both of these productions are on BBC Two.

I HAD a bizarre dream last night: None other than Sir William Hastings, CBE, knight and celebrated Ulster hotelier, had received new armorial bearings from the College of Arms; and his coat-of-arms was henceforth replacing the Guinness harp logo throughout his hotels.

I must be steeped in Heraldry.

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Anonymous said...

Portillo's journeys are sublime - especailly the Italian ones. Memories. The Newtownards connection to Bradshaw is dubious though. Quaker link. Milecross Bradshaws in my tree. The Bradshaw / Hoare (major London Bankers) link is however interesting.