Saturday, 7 December 2013

Brackenber: 1973


Apologies to anyone uninterested in these old images; they will be fascinating to anyone who went to Brackenber around 1973. They show the teachers, too.

Sorry, too, about the quality of the pictures.

I believe that the main school photograph was taken in 1972-73.

I'm four rows from the bottom, between Mr McQuoid and Mrs Dunlop; so if you draw an imaginary line between them and head upwards four rows from the bottom, that'll be self!

John Craig, the headmaster, sits in the middle wearing a dark suit. To his left are Frank McQuoid; Dorothy Dunlop; Mr Maguire; Mr Bull; and Harvey Cross.

To Mr Craig's right are: Zena Rankin; Bunny English; Jack Magowan; Mrs Horne; Mr Sheehan; and someone else whose name I cannot recall. Do you know anyone in this picture?

I'm almost certain that Jay Piggott - former headmaster of Campbell College - is in the same row as self: four rows from the bottom, at the extreme right, with a white breast pocket patch (school Colours).

First published in August, 2009.


Anonymous said...

Fanatastic looks like something from a very long time ago; worryingly, it is! I will have a closer look at this tomorrow, but I immediately spotted ITV's John Irvine on the top row, third in from the right. You are correct about Jay Piggott, that's him on the end of row 4 with the "colours" on his blazer pocket. His younger brother Geoff is also on the top row, another 3 in from John Irvine.
Happy days!

Timothy Belmont said...

Isn't it remarkable how happy most of us looked? Speaks volumes.

I was pally enough with Johnny Irvine; where is he now? I haven't seen him on the telly recently.


Timothy Belmont said...

Referring to Wikipedia, I see that Johnny Irvine "is now ITN's Washington Correspondent and currently lives in Washington DC with his wife and two children".


Anonymous said...

I just spotted my old chum Leo McKinstry, looking slightly more subdued than one sees him today - he's on the top row, directly in a line above Ms Rankin.
You are right about Johnny Irvine now being based in the US. Prior to that he had the misfortune to be caught up in the Indonesian Boxing Day Tsunami.

Rod Mitchell said...

What a cracker this is. I think that teacher that you couldn't name may be Mrs Abernethy...
I am sure I could go through from top to bottom and name most people. Will perhaps try later.

Timothy Belmont said...


Good to hear from you and you are very welcome.

Please do fill in any gaps, so to speak, that you're able to.