Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Bay Tree

It's far too long since I've been to the evergreen Bay Tree café and restaurant in Holywood, County Down.

This has always been my favourite coffee-house in the town and the grub is second-to-none.

I arrived at about ten forty-five and sat at a window table. The others were to join me fifteen minutes later.

Service was prompt and I ordered the signature "Coffee and a Cinnamon", the "Cinnamon" being their celebrated cinnamon scone.

This is not one of your ordinary common-or-garden scones, mark you. It is a North American kind of spiral, doughy affair, with caramelized sugar and a good knob of Ulster butter.

I accosted Sue Farmer, the diligent owner, grafting away in the galley. If you're reading this, Sue, jolly good show.

The Bay Tree's Christmas dinner menu looks delightful, as does today's lunch menu, with the signature creamy smoked haddock and mash.

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