Sunday, 22 December 2013

Gourmet Scampi?

Freshly-battered raw king prawns, onion rings, triple-cooked chips, all the trimmings.

Is it worth the effort?

No! Better leave it to the professionals.

I went to a lot of trouble: Making batter, slicing an onion, refrosting raw king prawns, parboiling chunkily cut potatoes.

I deep-fried the chips once at about 250F for five minutes; drained them; cooled them.

I tossed the raw prawns in flour; coated them in batter.

I deep-fried the onion rings, having tossed them in the batter.

I deep-fried the "scampi".

I fried the chips a third time, at a high 350F, for about seven minutes.

The result is above, in the photo.

Despite what celebrity cooks tell us, they have the facilities, the professional equipment, the expertise.

As far as gourmet scampi and home-made triple-cooked chips are concerned, leave it to a good chef.


Sarah said...

Looks rather like a recipe for a heart attack to me!

Timothy Belmont said...

Hi Sarah,

Indeed, the experiment was not entirely successful; therefore I'll stick to cooking it in the oven,thus not deep-frying!