Sunday, 1 December 2013

Turkey Lunch

I lunched at Donaghadee Garden Centre - Creative Gardens - this afternoon. The "Special" happened to be turkey with all the trimmings.

It looked good, so I ordered that, with a little pot of tea.

I wasn't disappointed.

The meal was particularly toothsome, comprising sliced turkey breast, two cocktail sausages, thick lean ham and stuffing, mashed potato, little roast potatoes, carrot batons, pickled red cabbage, and home-made cranberry sauce.

Everything was truly delicious, in particular the sweet red cabbage and cranberry sauce.

This lunch cost 25 pence short of a tenner. I complimented the staff on my way out.

AFTERWARDS, I wandered into the garden shop, where I treated my wild goldfinches and tits to new heavy-duty feeders.

AT a well-known electrical store, I spent about ten minutes viewing a state-of-the-art "Ultra HD TV".

These sets are four times more detailed than standard high-definition. Mind you, the one I admired was 55" and £3,200. Not a mass market product, as yet.


Anonymous said...

Where's the gravy? Surely one can't have a meal like that without gravy?!?

Timothy Belmont said...

They offered me abundant gravy, though I politely declined. I prefer lashings of butter!