Sunday, 16 February 2014

Divine Worship

Chapel of the Resurrection: February, 2014

I motored across the city of Belfast this morning to the former memorial chapel of the Chichesters, Marquesses of Donegall.

It is located at Innisfayle Park, en route to Belfast Castle.

The glorious little chapel is derelict today, though it appears to be intact - outside, at least. The roof seems to be in good condition.

Afterwards, I drove the short distance to St Peter's parish church, on the Antrim Road.

I attended divine worship and listened to a heartening sermon by the Rector, the Rev Brian Lacey, whom I met afterwards.

I told him of my passion for heritage and my interest in the Chapel of the Resurrection.

St Peter's has a side chapel dedicated to the Chapel of the Resurrection, with items formerly belonging to it.

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