Saturday, 22 February 2014

Excess Baggage

The flight I took from Belfast City to London Gatwick airport was with Flybe.

They presently use Q 400 Dash 8 aircraft on the route.

It was entertaining to observe some passengers struggling with what were obviously over-sized baggage in their efforts to squeeze the cases in to the overhead compartments.

I suspect that a percentage of passengers check in online and agree to the terms of agreement, including requisite baggage dimensions onboard.

One passenger held everybody else up by taking three of four minutes to insert her case in to the locker.

Should such passengers who blatantly misuse airline regulations be penalised?

It's clearly none of my business; though, were I do bring a bulky case onboard, I wonder whether I'd get away with it.


Shirley said...

Tim, did you know that Flybe are discontinuing their London to Belfast City service as of the end of March? I am gutted as it was such a great service for nipping home to see Mum etc. Aer Lingus seem to be doing it now, but that charge £18 ech way for a case!!

Timothy Belmont said...

Hi Shirley,

Indeed my cousin Peter informed me about it, a disappointing development.

Without competition on this route, Aer Lingus will have a free rein.

Perhaps you could leave a "wardrobe" of essentials in NI? That might work out more economical in the longer term.