Thursday, 6 February 2014


Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

I spent two hours at PRONI this morning. I cycled there in the trusty two-wheeler and parked it directly opposite the record office.

I timed my visit well, because PRONI doesn't open to the general public until 10am.

The purpose of my visit was to locate photographs of the Moorish Tower at Castlewellan demesne.

This little gazebo was built in 1884. This fact I can confirm, because I did see two photographs of it during construction in November, 1883.

Much of the Annesley photographic collection is Closed; that is to say, not for public consumption.

Although I searched six albums, the completed tower was not there, alas.

However, I have completed an official form, seeking permission to view more of the Annesley family albums.

EXTRAORDINARILY ENOUGH, a very large pane of glass shattered about thirty feet from me on the first floor Search Room.

I was at a computer and heard a pop or bang, not really loud at all, I suppose about 11 o'clock or thereabouts.

I have no idea of the cause. Perhaps it was caused by my glaring at it (!).

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