Thursday, 29 May 2014

Causeway Coast: I

I motored along the coast in a southerly direction this afternoon, towards Portbradden. My old historian pal, Con Auld, has a place there.

Alas, Con was not in residence. I hope he's keeping well. I had a packet of Tunnock's Teacakes for him; no pen, though! Blast.

Consequently, I brought them back to Portballintrae. 

AT Bushmills, I stopped again to have a look at the derelict former National School, directly opposite The French Rooms café restaurant.

Like so many of our historical buildings, it has been vacant for many years. I gather it was a British Legion hall before it was vacated.

THIS evening I dined at the Ramore Wine Bar, Portrush, County Antrim. It's at the harbour. You can't miss it, nor it's gastronomical siblings above, below, and across the street.

The proprietors of Ramore are presently fitting out a building opposite the Ramore, in preparation for opening shortly.

It's going to be called Neptune and something-or-other. May I send my compliments and congratulations to the McAlpines in their endeavours?

I had the Fillet of beef Wellington with garlic fries and home-made coleslaw, and it was superb.

The only snag is that I have to loosen the old belt by a notch!

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