Friday, 2 May 2014

Decanal Confusion

A few months ago I received a message, sent to my "official" email address, from a Church of Ireland dean.

The Dean addressed me as Lord Belmont and invited me to lunch with him at the Deanery.

He said he'd written to me.

He even suggested two dates in May; and that, if I preferred, we could lunch at a local restaurant.

I replied immediately, apprising the Dean that I had not received a letter. I wrote my address at the top of the email I sent him.

I accepted his invitation and agreed a date.

About a week later, I received another email from the Dean, advising me that his secretary had been endeavouring to contact me in County Fermanagh.

This puzzled me.
Since the blog was established in 2007, I have made it quite clear that I am not a peer of the realm and that the title is, in fact, fictitious. I've made no secret of that fact and anybody who thinks otherwise risks foolishness!
It dawned on me the the Dean was confusing me with the noble earl who lives at Castle Coole estate, near Enniskillen.

I replied to this effect.

He responded within hours, concurring that he had confused me with the nobleman who lives in County Fermanagh, and politely withdrawing his invitation to me.

My entertainment, not to say amusement, at this gaff cannot be overstated.

The Dean shall remain nameless.

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Anonymous said...

You should have played along with it and got friends to be your butler / equerry / maid! VC