Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Belmont: Swimmer

You shan't be totally surprised to know that I've been swimming since I was a little boy. My father taught me.

He was a competent swimmer himself.

Actually, swimming is essentially an intrinsic part of my life.

Usually I swim two hundred lengths of the pool, or 5,000 metres, per week.

I invariably swim the front crawl, non-stop, which takes me over forty minutes.

I've got through too many pairs of swim trunks, goggles and nose-clips you'd care to mention.

The trunks are Speedo; as were the clips till quite recently, when I changed to a company called Zoggs.

I'm presently using Zoggs goggles, too. They are an excellent fit and seal my eyes very well from even the merest drop of water.

However, like the rest of them, they still tend to mist or fog up, despite anti-fogging liquid.

Ha ha! Isn't it a wonder that my feet aren't webbed?

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