Thursday, 19 June 2014

Dundarave For Sale

The stately Dundarave House and estate, beside Bushmills, County Antrim, and within close proximity to the Giant's Causeway, is for sale.

I have already written about Dundarave House and the Macnaghten Baronets.

The sale includes 549 acres of land.

I was aware of the imminent sale several months ago.


Anonymous said...

Your new stately home, perhaps?

Dave from South Australia said...

What a pity in many ways that these estates have to be sold - I suppose there will be yet another retirement home, golf course and expensive holiday homes in the pipeline. While I am uncomfortable with the concept of too few having so much, we should be thankful for the old landowners who maintained a way of life which was, in many ways a sort of conservation of the 'natural' Ireland. I always felt that the rise of the hillside to the woods of Dundarave, "bookended" by the Causeway and Dunluce, provided a natural backdrop to the Portballintrae foreshore and the Bann-foot. Thank heavens the National Trust has been able to save some of these estates and great houses.