Sunday, 15 June 2014

The Ridge Trail

I've spent over three hours today at Divis and the Black Mountain, a property of the National Trust, in the Belfast hills.

The car-park was almost full, though I was fortunate enough to find a vacant space immediately.

I was eager to walk the Ridge Trail, a brand new track created this year, 2014.

The Ridge Trail is a gravel and stone pitch track which runs for just over four miles, including two stiles and a handsome new wooden bridge which traverses the Colin river.

This new trail is impressive. I admired the large stone slabs - roughly a square yard in size, though they vary.

The Trust has done an absolutely admirable job in this new path, and I'd strongly urge anybody who hasn't already been, to pay it a visit.

Divis Lodge from the Ridge Trail

At the termination of the Ridge Trail, I decided to carry on to the Summit Trail, which ascends Divis Mountain, a large hill of 1,562 feet.


BACK at base - the Long Barn, where there is a visitor centre - I bought a hot chocolate drink from the vending machine, sat outside, admired the natural beauty of the hills, and chatted at length to a member of staff.

Incidentally, she offered me a copy of Divis and the Black Mountain, local history and memories by Liz McShane. I was very grateful for this and look forward to reading it.

The National Trust has ambitious plans for this property, including the restoration of Divis Lodge, as and when funding becomes available.

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