Friday, 13 April 2012

Belfast £1 Coin

I received a lovely email from a reader in Lincolnshire today, which reminded me of the article I posted in June, 2010:-
 "I have found a  Pound Coin in my change  ... looked just like a *new from the mint  Pound coin * on examination. I find it is a Belfast Pound coin dated 2010 exact in every detail to the one you describe on your web site. I live in a very small village in Lincolnshire and it was in my change from our local small Cooperative Store. Now I am wondering ....What to do with this lovely coin ? How did it get in the cash register of my village store? Just thought this little story may be of interest to you .."

The Royal Mint  issued its "Belfast" One Pound Coin in June, 2010.


Obverse: Rank-Broadley head, inscription ELIZABETH II DG REG FD 2010, starting below, IRB directly under the bust.

Reverse: Circular Coat of Arms of Belfast, BELFAST above at top, ONE and POUND around each side of the Shield. Small Coats of Arms of the other three capital cities of the UK in the intended set along bottom (left to right; Edinburgh, London, Cardiff).

Edge inscription: PRO TANTO QUID RETRIBUAMUS ("For so much, what shall we give in return?" – the Latin motto of Belfast).


loweze said...

I am from Northern Ireland but currently living in England to study.

Last week I was getting change from a note on my way to the airport to fly home to Belfast city, and found this little Belfast £1 coin in my change!

Good omen or what?!

Anonymous said...

What's it worth then?

Anonymous said...