Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Junk Mail!

Sir Richard Branson's companies must spend a fortune on marketing. I invariably receive unsolicited mail from their Virgin Media weekly. They are evidently keen for the Belmont GHQ to sign up with their broadband, television and telephone service.

I am in no doubt that their fibre-optic cable broadband and the rest are all very good indeed. I am a big admirer of Sir Richard and the business empire that he has created.

Nevertheless, I do find weekly mail from them tiresome and somewhat futile; indeed a waste of money and paper.

My television and DVD recorder are both integrated Freesat and I am perfectly content with this service. I've had BT broadband for many years and, despite the speed being sometimes erratic, I am fairly satisfied with them.

Mind you, you've got to hand it to Virgin Media for their persistence and perseverance!

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