Friday, 27 April 2012

Dirty Duck Night

I waited patiently at Sydenham halt and the seven-o-eight arrived punctually, conveying me to Holywood. BP was aboard.

We alighted and made straight for the Dirty Duck Ale House, a hostelry frequented many times indeed.

Business was steady, though we managed to get a table on the ground floor at the rear. I went up to the bar and ordered a Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic; while BP had his usual Dirty Duck ale.

We perused the menu forthwith. Although we had both decided to have the scampi, this was sold out; so, instead, I had a Special, viz. salmon in mustard cream sauce with lardons, accompanied by creamy mash and extra fine broccoli (top).

BP had the chilli con carne.

My salmon was supreme, perfectly cooked, flaky and moist. The sauce was ideal, too. I couldn't fault it at all. I think it cost about £13.95.

Little wonder that everybody in the DD is contented.

There was a pub quiz at about nine-thirty. BP and self considered participating, though decided that it would be wiser to opt out. Complimentary baskets of chips were provided to participants.

Thus we took our leave at about ten-forty, in order to catch the last train from Holywood, County Down.

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Anonymous said...

Presumably heading south rather than north!