Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Anne's Point Day

I have spent the day at Anne's Point. Anne's Point, a property of the National Trust, is located at the opposite side of the main road from the Temple of the Winds at Mount Stewart, County Down.

Anne's Point, consisting of almost 15 acres, was acquired in 1988 from S and K Hamilton.

If you walk along the footpath you'll notice a former willow tunnel, which runs alongside a little river and towards the man-made lagoon.

Attention, keen ornithologists! This is fast becoming a rural version of the RSPB's Belfast Harbour Reserve; though, admittedly, we cannot boast their excellent luxury viewing hide, yet.

There were six of us today.

We managed to get the work dine relatively swiftly, given that we used a chain-saw. Unfortunately the willow tunnel has been unable to fulfil its original purpose, so we decided to lop it down to a manageable height.

Incidentally, we received new uniforms today, viz. navy blue fleeces, polo shirts and sweat shirts with the NT logo and Ards Peninsula inscribed thereon.

I had my usual cheese and onion sandwiches today.

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