Monday, 24 October 2011

DVANI Dinosaur

I see that the Northern Ireland politician, Simon Hamilton MLA, has urged Driver and Vehicle Licencing to introduce online payments forthwith. I called for this almost six months ago.

I received a car tax disc reminder from the Driver & Vehicle Agency of Northern Ireland and, somewhat disappointingly, they still haven't advanced technologically to the elementary stage whereby car tax can be paid online.

 The current methods of payment in the Province are by cheque (!); postal order; cash (!); vehicle licensing stamps (eh?); or by plastic at selective local vehicle licensing offices. Impressive, what?

Would it not be more cost productive and efficient if they were to integrate their operations with Swansea which, I feel confident, has a means whereby drivers can pay online?


Anonymous said...

The magic number for renewing your car tax in Northern Ireland is:
028 7034 1514
You just need your registration number and direct debit card.

Timothy Belmont said...

Many thanks indeed for that information.

Timothy Belmont said...

Is proof of motor insurance needed?

John Self said...

They can access your insurance details on the Motor Insurance Database with your consent over the phone. (I left a comment with this and other info, but it was here and then gone!)

Timothy Belmont said...

That sounds more like the ticket! Many thanks again.


Timothy Belmont said...

I've been waiting on the phone on position 5 for them to respond and it takes ages.

Snail mail is cheaper, failing online!

Anonymous said...

When I bought a new car (c. 7 months ago), I returned the tax disc from my old car for the (not insubstantial) requisite refund. I have heard nothing more from them. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

It is also possible to pay road tax at the post ofice - just bring your insurance certificate along.

They accept cash, cheque or their savings card (very useful - pay a small amount in each month & voila!...painless annual payment) this has replaced the savings stamps.

The village I live in is lucky to still have a full-time post office so I like to support it as much as possible!

Alice said...

I only became aware of renewing tax by phone last year.In fairness I have been really pleased with service.Great that they have access to all necessary information.Good luck

Mick Stella said...

Sadly phone renewal doesn't work if your MOT is from the Mainland. Snail mail and cheque only as you need to send your MOT certificate. In this day and age there is no excuse for Swansea and Coleraine's lack of integration.