Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Fuerteventura: VI

Dear readers, Timothy Belmont still uses sweetened, condensed milk in lieu of ordinary milk for the coffee at breakfast. Its durability is far greater than milk. I used to buy cartons of milk and it went "off" too quickly.

As a consequence I have ceased to bring English tea-bags with me; I have cafe condensado, as the natives call it, instead. No need for sugar or milk.

Doubtless you shall be relieved to hear that!


PeterC said...

You should try Cravendale filtered milk. It keeps for weeks.

Timothy Belmont said...

Thanks for the tip, Peter. I'm really looking forward to seeing you both next month, by the way.

I got an email from TV Licencing re renewal DOH lol

madpierre said...

Have to agree Lord B, Cravendale is the stuff for you!!! They filter out almost all the bacteria that cause it to go off and consequently it lasts much longer.

Anonymous said...

ummm coindensed milk only way its scrummy is on fresh bread with best butter lol x a wonderful nursery treat I remember! LOL