Monday, 17 October 2011

Fuerteventura: V+

Timothy Belmont has revisited the Kactus Tapas Lounge Bar, Calle La Iglesia, Corralejo, this evening, a strategic spot for a refreshing G and T and also for watching the World pass by.

The old Tanqueray and some choice nibbles await me.

Would any readers be interested in my taking a photograph of the Tapas menu on the next occasion?

Dear readers, I might have to acquire a new mobile phone, should the Nokia flip-phone not re-appear. Which? Magazine recommends the Samsung Tocco Lite as a good, basic mobile.

I am not "in the market" for a so-called smartphone: A good pay-as-you-go mobile would be fine. And I do not wish to spend a fortune on it, either.

Any recommendations?


Anonymous said...

Glad that you're enjoying yourself. Wind and rain back home

Anonymous said...

I would swear by my trusty old iPhone 3. It may be slightly old hat now, but it does the job for me. Bon Vacance! VC

Anonymous said...

I have a flip phone that i no longer use its yours if you want it xx all you would need is a sim card (easily got and phone is unlocked so any network x)

Anonymous said...

offer of phone is from me J xx dont post this one xx