Saturday, 4 June 2011

Royal Failure


Dear Moya Greene,
I’d prefer that you handle this matter personally, rather than passing it to someone else within the Group:
Kind regards,

Since it would be an utter waste of time complaining to Royal Mail themselves, I intend to vent the old spleen through the medium of Lord Belmont.

I missed the delivery staff by twenty minutes this morning. They came with a parcel at eleven forty.

Instead of handing it to a neighbour, they left me a note instead asking me to do their job and collect it at Prince Regent Road in Belfast.

How infuriating; how inconvenient.

I accepted a parcel yesterday from Parcelforce on behalf of a neighbour. They simply got me to sign an electronic pad.

Royal Mail is not the service it used to be.

To make matters worse, I motored over this morning - which took fifteen minutes' worth of fuel - only to be told that the parcel would not be available for forty-eight hours.

Another wasted journey.


Mad Mandy Moans said...

You need Andy Kinnaird on our route Tim. He goes to great lengths to deliver all the odd shaped packages I order on-line. I sometimes take him prisoner but the electric gates are "currently" fried so he can get in and out before I know it.

BethB said...

There is also the ridiculousness of having a post office pick up centre in an out of town business park which has TWO parking spaces.