Saturday, 11 June 2011

Soane's Museum

Whilst en route to Sir John Soane's museum at Lincoln's Inn Fields in London yesterday, I spent longer than expected at the exit hall of Holborn Underground Station.

It was pouring with rain, which seemed to last for ages and ages!  The station staff kept reminding us on the Tannoy that Exits must not be obstructed. Well, Timothy Belmont was tucked away beside a wall, observing the scene.

To aggravate matters, I'd been "caught short" and desperately needed to make a "call of nature". Eventually I decided to make a move, despite the rain still falling, so I made a bee-line for the nearest pub which, I think, was called the Sail Inn and asked if I could use the loo, which was downstairs in the basement.

Thence I was ready to resume my journey to the museum. Sir J Soane's museum is somewhat bijou, by museum standards, so there was a small queue outside when I arrived.

After about ten minutes, I was given the green light, so to speak, and proceeded to make a leisurely tour of the town-house. Old Soane certainly was an avid collector of this and that.

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