Sunday, 27 November 2011

Country House Opera

It is more than two years since the august Arts Council of Northern Ireland axed what was uniquely one of the Province's most established and premier events, Castleward Opera.

There has not been any event to match Castleward Opera since then.

The Arts Council of Northern Ireland has seen fit to spend our money on other projects, instead.

A vacuum has been left for an opera festival which could be held in one of our great stately homes. Such a venue would be eminently fitting for al fresco picnics and cuisine or, should patrons prefer, a grand marquee.

Dinner jackets would naturally be comme il faut.

There are splendid stately homes in every county of Northern Ireland and I  have written on this blog about all of them. Simply enter the key word in the white Search box at the top left-hand corner.

My suggestion would be that sponsorship might emanate from the travel industry (airlines, shipping lines); the catering industry (hotels, restaurants); and luxury goods manufacturers and sellers (jewellers, watch makers, writing instrument makers, motor manufacturers); private individuals, including philanthropists, wealthy benefactors).

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, for many reasons the travel industry would not be interested in funding an event like this as the cost outweighs the benefit…. This event has to be reinvented as part of a bigger enterprise as such and as I mentioned in my last reply to you this may be possible in the very near future in a more accessible driver friendly venue. I shall keep you up to date. J.