Sunday, 20 November 2011


What a thoroughly decent publication The Spectator is. There's a very good article in it by James Delingpole about the UK Independence Party (UKIP), Nigel Farage and David Cameron.

Delingpole takes deserved swipes at the BBC and the fact that most of the mainstream Media has ignored the creditable success of UKIP, which is currently a mere one point behind the Liberals.

The point is that Mr Farage is, and has been, a Conservative himself.

Taki, too, in his column, proclaims that
the scum who failed to win power [in Europe] over us through force of arms are now leading us by the nose through stealth and the EU Trojan Horse. Somebody wake up Mr Cameron.


Anonymous said...

Taki's comment about "leading us by the nose" is certainly appropriate from a man who was jailed for possesion of cocaine!

Anonymous said...

Remind me again how many MPs UKIP have in Parliament, compared with the Lib-Dems? I think you have the answer to your question re: their lack of coverage by the media.
Actually, Farage is a regular face on BBC1's Question Time, so I don't think he personally could have much to complain about.

Timothy Belmont said...


I know. Alas, it's a shame UKIP don't have a lot more, isn't it? ;-)