Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Powerscourt Arms

Did any readers watch the BBC's Antiques Roadshow from Castle Coole recently? A gentleman brought several silver trophies or cups, 18th century, I think.

One trophy bore a crest and coat-of-arms.

I immediately recognised the insignia as being that of the Viscounts Powerscourt.


Anonymous said...

Heraldry tends to repeat itself!


Anonymous said...

An unrelated post, but do you know anything of Craigdarragh House? It is on the market, see - http://www.propertynews.com/Property/Bangor/RBWNRBWN0533/57-Craigdarragh-Road/180487580/Page2 Rare indeed to find a Lanyon house for sale. Would require a bit of work, but would make a fine seat once again. VC

Timothy Belmont said...

Re Craigdarragh: Apparently the architect is unknown. A big stone and stucco house in Italianate palazzo style of 1850 for Francis Gordon. Gordon may have run out of money, for he never lived there! The house was tenanted.

Anonymous said...

A collection of new images has been discovered showing life at Craigdarragh House Helens Bay from 1890 to 1952.The collection shows children playing in the Glen, workers tending the gardens and weddings in the grounds from 1901, 1920's and 1952.
This is a valuable insight into life in one of Northern Irelands most handsome country houses.
The images can be seen by clicking this link


Anonymous said...

RE: Craigdarragh House. Had a look at these old Workman family pictures in the link above and they are great. They really show the old house at its best. It would be good if Timothy Belmont could do a new blog on Craigdarragh.

Timothy Belmont said...

Robert Francis Gordon JP DL inherited Delamont demesne in Co Down, if my deduction is correct.

He may have abandoned Craigdarragh upon succeeding to Delamont.