Thursday, 6 October 2011

Country House Rescue

The well-known television series, Country House Rescue, the original presenter of whom was the formidable Ruth Watson, is returning and wishes to find a suitable mansion or large house in Northern Ireland. 

I have been approached by a production company on behalf of Channel 4. They are working on the new series of Country House Rescue for Channel 4 and are looking for properties in Northern Ireland to feature on the show. 

They wondered if I might know of a country house owner who would be interested in getting some very good advice and support to keep their property going. 

Frankly, I do not. So, readers, please send me some feedback.

Ideally it will be a family-owned house where they haven’t tried much in terms of diversification and who are struggling to stay on top of maintenance and restoration.

However, this is not a rule.

If you are not familiar with the series, it is an hour-long programme which features one property per show and follows the journey of a large country house in need of help or a fresh approach through various business ventures, to a house which is hopefully thriving and financially secure. 

Each case is unique and is treated to make the most of the property and owner’s strengths and preferences.

The new series presenter is Simon Davies, who has a strong background in events and hospitality and is director of the London Restaurant Festival 

This is his first series of Country House Rescue and he is keen and enthusiastic about bringing new ideas to the table. Though his background is in food, he doesn’t want to turn every property into a restaurant by any means.

Simon Davies will be supported by the company consultant, Simon Foster. He is an experienced manager and consultant for large estates such as Chatsworth House. 

The production will be filming from November, 2011, and will visit the property sporadically over the winter, finishing with beautiful shots of the successful house in the spring, 2012.

Here is a short article about the effect the series has had on one property. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for large country house owners in Northern Ireland to show off the properties and also a chance to present the Province at its best. 

Bethan Bailey can be contacted at: Betty, The Heal's Building, 8 Alfred Mews, London, W1T 7AA. tel:0207 907 0867 fax:0207 290 0679


Anonymous said...

I always thought they were missing a trick by not including Irish / Northern Irish properties. Hope they find someone prepared to open their doors. Tempo or Mourne Park perhaps? They already have a certain 'media profile'... VC

Sandy said...

Mount Panther would be a challenge...

Anonymous said...

Blessingbourne would be ideal. the owners are trying all manner of things to generate income and they deserve all the help and support they can get
Bryan Somers