Monday, 23 January 2012

USA Interest

Lord Belmont is gaining a reputation in the United States of America. The Blog had fifteen per cent of visits from our American cousins yesterday.

I have paid visits to California and Florida, though have not been to the United States recently. I'm overdue a trip!

I am personally delighted to welcome new readers and followers, especially from overseas.

Yesterday the Blog had 1,377 hits.


59.20%United KingdomUnited Kingdom Flag

15.00%United StatesUnited States Flag

6.80%CanadaCanada Flag

6.40%IrelandIreland Flag

5.20%AustraliaAustralia Flag

1.00%TurkeyTurkey Flag

1.00%New ZealandNew Zealand Flag

0.80%FranceFrance Flag

0.80%GermanyGermany Flag

0.80%Korea, Republic OfKorea, Republic Of Flag

0.60%ThailandThailand Flag

0.40%JapanJapan Flag

0.40%PhilippinesPhilippines Flag

0.40%BulgariaBulgaria Flag

0.20%MaltaMalta Flag

0.20%DenmarkDenmark Flag

0.20%Russian FederationRussian Federation Flag

0.20%ItalyItaly Flag

0.20%MexicoMexico Flag

0.20%Hong KongHong Kong Flag

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I´m spanish and i see your blog EVERYDAY ¿where am I?

Timothy Belmont said...

Ha ha! That's a good point. I copied and pasted that data this morning, so it changes all the time.

That would have been the data at the time I looked at it this morning!

Good to know I have readers from Espana!


Timothy Belmont said...

Here's the latest one:-

75.20% United Kingdom United Kingdom Flag
19 Hits 3.80% Ireland Ireland Flag
18 Hits 3.60% Brazil Brazil Flag
16 Hits 3.20% Canada Canada Flag
16 Hits 3.20% United States United States Flag
9 Hits 1.80% Europe Europe Flag
8 Hits 1.60% India India Flag
6 Hits 1.20% Bulgaria Bulgaria Flag
6 Hits 1.20% Netherlands Netherlands Flag
5 Hits 1.00% Germany Germany Flag
4 Hits 0.80% Portugal Portugal Flag
4 Hits 0.80% Spain Spain Flag
4 Hits 0.80% Sweden Sweden Flag
3 Hits 0.60% France France Flag
2 Hits 0.40% Aruba Aruba Flag
2 Hits 0.40% Greece Greece Flag
1 Hit 0.20% Belgium Belgium Flag
1 Hit 0.20% Lebanon Lebanon Flag

Anonymous said...

And you almost never mention the weather!
Sammy M

Timothy Belmont said...

LOL Hello Sammy!

I'm dreaming of those lazy, hazy days of summer... :-)