Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New Civic Lawns

I am returned from my weekly jaunt into town, where I undertook research on the Jocelyns, Earls of Roden; the family of De La Touche; and the ancient family of Dillon.

The lawns at City Hall are being re-laid, having suffered  some detriment following the Continental Market at Christmas.

Following a brief visit to Sawer's - in vain, as it transpired - I strolled into Queen's Arcade, where I bought a half-pound of my favourite pastilles in an established confectioner's shop.

I am dining out with Godmother at the weekend (watch for the review), so a most helpful assistant helped me to select a bottle of wine in Marks and Spencer, Old Vines Grenache Noir 2009:
"A soft, ripe and generously fruity red with appealing flavour of mulberry and brambles. Look out for the smooth note of chocolate on the finish."
On a more mundane level, I bought a few pairs of socks and slippers!


Anonymous said...

Think you wil find the lawns are re-laid at least twice a year after the markets and concerts etc.

I would be curious to know how much this costs?


Inv Wood

Anonymous said...

Where would one be dining out with godmother?
sammy Mehaffey

Timothy Belmont said...

Don't ask! Ha ha