Thursday, 19 January 2012

Portavo Plantation

We are planting a brand new broadleaf woodland on a field beside Portavo reservoir, in the townland of Balloo Lower, County Down. This spot is close to Orlock.

Six of us spent the day there and we managed to plant five hundred ash saplings; however, this will be a mixed wood and we shall plant oak, cherry and some Scots pine.

The field is about eight acres in extent; the total plantation will comprise not less than seven thousand trees.

We will assemble with the Woodland Trust on Saturday morning again, in order to plant the remainder. Everybody is welcome. We meet at about ten o'clock.

Oh, and I had ham and beetroot relish sandwiches today!


Anonymous said...

well done.... thats brilliant... j

Lynn said...

Would love to have joined you, I plant about 100 trees myself each year on my small 20 acres.