Monday, 16 January 2012

HMY Britannia

The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State for Education, has proposed that Her Majesty The Queen should be delivered of a new royal yacht by the Nation (including Scotland).

Mr Gove said:
      In spite, and perhaps because of the austere times, the celebration should go beyond those of previous jubilees and mark the greater achievement that the diamond anniversary represents. I feel strongly that the Diamond Jubilee gives us a tremendous opportunity to recognise in a very fitting way the Queen’s highly significant contribution to the life of the nation and the Commonwealth. 
     I feel strongly more should be done to achieve a longer lasting legacy. Events such as proms and the party at the palace organised for the diamond jubilee, and street parties, although excellent, are transient.
     It would be appropriate to do something that will mark the significance of this occasion with fitting ceremony. My suggestion would be a gift from the nation to her majesty.

He ended his letter by suggesting that if not enough taxpayer funds were available for the project, a private donation could be sought.

Lord Belmont suggests that Her Majesty's Yacht Britannia which, I believe, is on public display in Scotland, be re-commissioned. Britannia is immeasurably more noble and dignified than any modern super-yacht.


Rex Hunter said...

'Political suicide' : the verdict of Robert Crampton in 'The Times' 17 January on Michael Gove's suggestion to conceive a new Royal Yacht in these times of national austerity. But perhaps private backers could be found - I expect Lord Belmont to contribute very handsomely. But we don't want sponsors' names along the side, do we ?

Timothy Belmont said...

No, we certainly, don't!

Rex Hunter said...

the plans for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee river pageant on 3 June having just been announced, I trust Lord Belmont is planning to be present on the banks of the Thames, or better still, aboard one of the 1,000 or so ships and boats, for a truly once-in-a-lifetime ( several lifetimes probably) event

Chris Kirk said...

Lord Belmont would need to have very deep pockets indeed if he were to re-commission Britannia. He would also need to find a crew and some skilled engineers to operate Britannia's antique rusting boilers and machinery. Britannia is presently a tourist atraction in Leith and is minus her propellors and with some pretty big holes in her side to facilitate sightseers. Since paying off Britannia in 1997 the Royal Family have shown no outward interest in having a replacement built and I doubt if HM has even been back for a visit.

Timothy Belmont said...

Chris Kirk,

I've no idea how much it would cost to re-commission Britannia, though it would likely cost considerably more to build a similar replacement, would it not?

Philip Andrews said...

For a start its obvious from Prince Charles comments in his Diamond Jubilee programme that the Royal Family deeply misses the Britannia.

Secondly instead of building two aircraft carriers for waging useless wars in far off places, why not build just one carrier and either recommission or build a new Britannia with money saved from the 2nd a/c?

One Britannia with all her Royal Prestige and goodwill and one new a/c will strike the right balance. And it the new Britannia will be a wonderful gift for Her Majesty.